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Step 1. Phone or In Person Consultation

The goal of the consultation is to learn about your goals and desires. We want to understand where you are and where you are headed so we can help you select the best mortgage for your financial future. I will ask many questions that may seem personal, but they are necessary to pre-qualify you for a mortgage.  This conversation will help us to better serve you and put us in the best position to ensure you have a stress-free mortgage experience!
Call Us at 813-819-4516

Step 2 Gather Documents

Gather these documents (PDF format) so that when you apply you can upload these docs and we can get you a pre-approval.

1. Pay stubs for the past 30 days.

2. W2's from the past two years.

3. Bank Statements from the past two months.

4. Quarterly Statement from 401K, IRA, etc.

5. Picture of your Drivers License, front and back.

6.Picture of your Social Security Card.

Step 3. Application & Credit Report

You have 2 options for your credit report, We can give you a link and you can pull your own credit, you will be given a copy and a copy will be transferred to your application. You will then be directed to the secure online application. The other option is you provide a debit or credit card after completing the secure online application and we can pull your credit after the application is complete. We can not by law provide you a copy of the report after we pull it. The credit report cost is $27 per applicant. After filling out your application you will have the opportunity to upload your documents.

Step 4. Review and Issue Pre-Approval

We will look over your application and verify we have everything we need. We will review your credit report looking for anything that may need to be cleared up before we submit to AUS (Automated Underwriting). Once everything looks to be in order we will submit to AUS and we should be able to provide you a Pre-Approval Letter within the hour.

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